Give your bank accounts superpowers.

Simple, free and connected

EZYfinance is not a bank but a fintech company.

The ideal account to manage your business

All your financial needs in a single application.

Pay your suppliers, receive money from your customers and pay your physical and digital expenses quickly and easily.

EZY gives you the freedom to choose who you work with, and how.

Integrate your transactions quickly and easily into your accounting system.

Ready-made modules available via API for your bank.

Become the preferred bank for businesses by offering innovative, digital and modern services.

Use the power of EZY AI from document digitization to customer communication.

Contact us to discuss opportunities and ideas.

Developers: connect your solution to banks via a single API

With EZYfinance:

  • Receive bank transactions
  • Send payments
  • Access credit card movements
  • Connect Swiss and European banks

Accelerate your development

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